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Main possibilities for registered users:

  • Free-of-charge placement of offers for buying, selling or renting real estate at our auction
  • Free-of-charge placement of profiles of companies working in the real estate market
  • No fee for placing real estate ads and companies' profiles
  • 24x7 free access to "My Market Office" to control and manage the data placed
  • No spam coming to your e-mail address; only messages from users interested in your offer
  • Adjustable notices of new real estate offers, our auction's bids and messages from other users
  • Messages Center will make it easier for you to communicate with interested users, as well as save messages history and contacts
  • To represent and advertise your real estate in the best possible way, you can use the paid service for placing your ad in the section "Real Estate Best Offers"

Sellers' advantages:

  • Free-of-charge placement of detailed information on real estate offered
  • Placement of a set of photos of real estate offered to attract potential buyers
  • Time savings because you will be notified by e-mail of any changes in buyers' bids for your real estate on our auction
  • Plenty of potential buyers will find out of your real estate

Buyers' advantages:

  • Free-of-charge placement of advertisements on buying real estate
  • Adjustable notices of real estate that is placed by the seller and fits with your requirements

Companies' advantages:

  • If your company provides any services on the real estate market, you can place for free a detailed description of your company to attract new clients
  • The description that advertises your company and is placed by you will not be limited in time
  • By spending no more than 10 minutes to place your company's description, you will get new clients in the nearest future.

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